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I hate drama

When did Downton Abbey become about making you sad? I know it was always a drama, but i swear it wasn't always so serious. Why is it that the Dowager is the only comic relief anymore?After last night's episode, it's become too much! (conveniently at the end of season three, but...). I know its silly, but anything I stay up past my Sunday night bedtime to watch should not make me so depressed that I have dreams about loved ones dying. And being able to see into my neighbors backyard at a strangely perfect patch of green lawn (???).

G reminded me that this is exactly what makes the show so good and that is why I loved Six Feet Under so much - weekly tragedy. I disagree. I watch plenty of series where characters don't die randomly at just the perfect moment. And really, isn't it too perfect? A bit too much foreshadowing? A hate that I already have a knot in the pit of my stomach before anything has actually happened. And really, would it be so bad if things worked out?

Image via Kelsey Garrity-Riley