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week five: how to get by or the five best posts elsewhere

I've been trying to get by this week.  Just get by.  I feel splintered into too many different directions and consequently, I have little to show for any effort I make.  My mantra has simply become: "By doing a little bit each day, you can get a lot accomplished." It's one of Gretchen Rubin's Secrets of Adulthood.  I guess that's why my kitchen and living room have stayed so clean lately, but the process has become to feel slow.  I am both tired and impatient with streaks of boredom and longing tossed in.  So I've started writing down everything that I have accomplished each day, tiny markers of moving forward. This is one of the markers. I haven't decided if it helps or not, but it's one way for me to get by.
Cooking With Fernet Branca by James Hamilton-Paterson
What I've been reading:

There's No Such Thing As Stuck.  Thank you, Verhext.

You were made to be awesome.  It must be viral by now, but it should be, because you are.  And you need to hear it.  I know I do.  As seen on A Mountain Bride.  Thanks Jes!

How I Learned Not To Drink More Thank I Should, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:57am.  Mmm, chocolate.  Amid Privilege

How to cut citrus segments. Because I somehow I didn't already know this and it's incredibly useful. Our Lady of of Second Helpings.

Reclaiming Wife: Day Zero. More brilliance on A Practical Wedding.

I'm off to do some laundry now.