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week two: reframe

I know I'm not the only one who noticed that back in the days of Domino magazine, most of the cover "models" (who were actually living in the homes of the issue) were pictured barefoot in one room or another.  This used to bug me.  Which is silly because I rarely wear shoes in my house unless I'm deconstructing something or headed down to the basement.  Or cooking and I realize that I want to be a little bit taller.  Who knows, knives might be ready to leap of the counter and cut off my toes.  Anyway, if my house weren't in what feels like an ongoing state of construction, I might designate this house as a no shoe house, just so that I could feel better about not wearing shoes when my guests come over.  Although I wouldn't trust me for floor cleanliness.  Deal with it.

A friend of mine stopped by earlier and although I expected her arrival, I somehow felt like I'd just woken from a nap.  It wasn't that I was sleepy or groggy particularly, but all of my positive resolve had melted away and suddenly I was struck by a feeling of insignificance and inferiority.  And this definitely had nothing to do with my relationship with her, because she is one of those super amazing supportive and kind people that I love that I have in my life.

Maybe it was just that she stopped by and kept her shoes on.  I guess there are times when people just stop by and linger for an hour with their shoes on, and then there are times when people take their shoes off and drink a glass of wine.  Regardless, I need to remember to Be Sera, whatever that needs to mean.    Today it means stocking feet and leggings.

I need to remember to reframe negative things in a positive light.

I need to remember that to be me is much more interesting.  In stocking feet or with shoes on.

Also, I came to the conclusion today that I need leg warmers to wear with leggings and ballet flats.