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week three: yoga hurts


I have now attended three Sunday yoga classes.  I was sore after week one for probably three days.  Last week, I felt amazing for two hours followed by oddly grumpy followed by sore, although less so, for another two days.  This week, I felt good for a couple of hours followed quickly by an achy in my skin feeling, followed by a grumpiness that I thought I could attribute to strange eating or maybe getting sick (I don’t seem to be sick, yet).  Should one really follow yoga with meatballs and chex mix and then wait to eat dinner until 8 pm?  Probably not. Today I am still achy and grumpy.  I am attributing this to the toxins that I have built up over the last several months of doing very little.  Yoga is twisting the toxins out and now my body is coursing with them. Toxins! Jerks.  I am trying to drink green tea and water and vinegar water to alleviate the feeling, but now I just have to pee a lot. 

Self improvement is such hard work.  At least it makes me crave better food.  Generally.  (Does thai fried rice count as better food?) 


  1. Why don't they have an hour long class of shavasana only?!?! That is something I could get into.

    1. It isn't that it's such a hard class, it's that I need improvement. Actually, I don't think shavasana is very comfortable. I'm glad to get in the 5 minutes of meditation (along with the pounding of weights hitting the floor in the other room) but it isn't very comfortable on my back. Perhaps I just need more practice playing dead. :)


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