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pop music

I hadn't ever heard this song before I stumbled on it on dooce the other day.  Every time I hear a new pop song I like, I think, I should go back to pop (like thinking you want to give an ex a second chance and then you see him at a coffee shop and, um, no.  So over that, in fact, ew.).  When I try to go back to mainstream pop, flip on the old radio and wade through commercials to get to, some crap I don't want to listen to in between some more Katy Perry, who I also, no longer want to listen to, because after hearing Firework the first time, I loved it, but after hearing it the 61st time, well, not so much.  It takes 15 minutes of mainstream radio and suddenly I realize I'm at dinner with an ex.  I've got to get out!

I've tried to dissect my thing with pop, and here is what I've come up with: I can't wade through the crap (90%) I hate to get to the good (10% (that's being generous isn't it)) stuff.  I also, don't like pop ballads.  That goes for stuff that gets remade on Glee too  (Yes I watch Glee).  But I do love the dance favorites that I love.  Like Lady GaGa.  I listen to a lot of Lady GaGa because, I don't know what else to listen to.  But, now that I run at the gym to pretty much only Lady GaGa, I'm terribly close to getting bored.  I've gone back to my old Gus Gus albums filled with skips because I actually uploaded them from cds(!) and Brazilian Girls.

Conclusion: I don't know what pop songs to listen to that I will actually like, and my impatience shows my grey hairs.  I may not cool enough for music anymore.  How disappointing.

What upbeat pop songs do you love to listen/work out to?


  1. Hey , I just found you and I am loving it here. I love French pop, like Yelle or Superbus. It is happy, upbeat, and fun.
    I am also big on Mika, did you listen to him in french (elle me dit). It is just the kind of beat that makes me happy.
    It is difficult with music, you know, I don't think I have a style, I often got mocked for liking things that are so completely different that don't go together (like Hole, Nirvana AND Lily Allen...)


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