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photo no. 19 - snow days, cookie failure

icicles hanging from our bent gutter
This is day three home from work because it snowed.  They said the rain would come on Thursday, that it would melt, but it didn't.  It snowed harder.  Today, the warmth came, and the snow is starting to melt, but so slowly, because it's only 34 degrees.  Instead, I'm working from home.  It's slow because I don't have everything I need and my home mac systems are not set up for some of the things I do on the windows system at work, but, I am working.  I am checking my email as I type this.  I am logging documents from photocopies of drawings.  I am working. 

I have also made dinner, taken a five mile walk in the snow with my G, which wore me out because walking in the snow is much harder than walking in not snow, and made my third batch of failed cookies.  

cranberry oatmeal cookie fail
I think I have only made two successful batches of cookies in my life.  Apricot thumbprint cookies and 7-layer bars.  Whenever I try to make anything else, chocolate chip cookies are burned, oatmeal raisin are tasteless, peanut butter are crumbly, cranberry oatmeal (above) are cakey and blah.  I won't even blame my cookie failures on the recipes, I'm sure I did something wrong, melted not softened the butter, too much dry ingredients, and possibly overprocessing the dough.  (The burning incidents were all due to using a rental house oven that turned out to be 50 degrees too hot - go figure).

So here is what I need, someone send me a recipe for an unfussy, fail-safe cookie.  I need help.  I promise to make a batch, and post the results.  

In the meantime, I'm going back to making apple crumble, plus I can eat it for breakfast with yogurt.  I'll post an updated recipe as soon as I'm done making it. 


  1. I have a ton of cookie receipes, I wouldn't know what to send. Do you cream the butter and sugar really well? I always think that is the key to good cookies-that and having an oven that is temp it says. I had that at my last place and it was infuriating

    I'm so jealous of your snow- we haven't had a bit and it's so depressing. Just blah and cold.

    Now, get back to work!


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