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new years resolutions

Last night at dinner with some friends, I was asked if I had any new years resolutions to which I answered, I don't know.  I feel like what we understand new years resolutions to be is completely different to what they should be.  These tend to be lofty goals with unrealistic expectations and little or no support system announced flippantly at the end of a season of stress and gluttony that set us up for failure.  Resolutions such as I'm going to the gym every day from now on, or I'll never drink again, you know unrealistic goals.

I actually started a few resolutions in October.  I started going to the gym more regularly.  I'm working up to five days a week and my lofty goal is to work out an hour a day.  So far I can only say I've made it to four, but I did go to the gym two saturday's in a row!!  Last weekend, at 8 pm, which is just weird, and yesterday, even though it had started snowing.  First snow of the season.  I probably should have been terrified to get on the road with so many people who don't know how to drive in the snow but, I was fine.  People hadn't yet started slamming their cars into one another, maybe because it wasn't rush hour traffic.  Anyway, I sit at a desk all day and the pile of things that need to be done now, just never seems to shrink.  I also resolved to leave the office for my lunch everyday but that one hasn't worked out so far, and I really really want that one to happen.

I've resolved to prepare meals for us to eat during the week.  I have been foiling my going to the gym after work by coming home ravenous, snacking, showering, then eating frozen pizza, or take out or some other terrible thing.  But now I'm trying to prepare meals, with vegetables in them.  Also because I don't like to prepare meat, I'm trying to figure out how to get some protein with my vegetables.  I'm making a soup for the week, so at the very least, there is something healthy in the fridge.

I've also begun my fifth year of dry January.  No alcohol for a month.  I think this is my husbands seventh year of dry January.  So we are in it together, but this is the first year that on day three I haven't craved a drink.  Perhaps because I went to the gym instead, perhaps because I'm just tired of poisoning myself.  I don't know, but I've felt good.  I did drink wine on wednesday when we had make-up xmas with G's dad because he was so so sick for xmas.  And I was almost immediately tired, slept like crap, and felt bedraggled the next day.  And then I didn't even go to the gym after work, so I felt even worse.  Did I replace drinking with working out?  Is that even possible?

The confluence of these things is that I feel better, have more energy, and do things that I like to do, like reading, sewing, cooking, and all the fun girlie stuff, that I like to do.  Although I need to do more laundry too, but somehow that doesn't take over all of the other stuff I want to do.  Go figure.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make myself enough quinoa/oatmeal to last me a week's breakfasts, and go to the gym, now that the snow is melting off the roads.

one of the daily workouts at my gym.