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copy cat

so I actually have some things to say and things to share but my pieces of technology are disjointed right now and I'm trying to solve that.  translation - while I wait for my ancient (circa 2006) macbook to download software updates so that I can finally take it appart and replace the battery, I am sitting here with a purring cat on my lap communicating to you.  Sure I should sit on this post, edit it, and then actually post it, but we both know if I try to do that, I won't post anything.  so I'm going to copy cat instead.

I just saw this on whorange and love it.

to a new year that is bright with confidence and dare I say, adventure.

Amy Rice Art
 although, Amy, I would love one with a map of Seattle.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the mention! Hot off the presses: You Can Go Your Own Way/ Seattle


  2. Ooh!! I'm going to have to get that!!


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