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16 days until xmas

This time of year, everyone has posts filled with fabulous lovely gift ideas.  None of which seem to be a good idea for most of the people on my list.  I vowed this year that I would finish this xmas present business in good time.  I even thought I'd try to do the art of doing stuff's christmas pledge wherein I complete all of my xmas preparations by December 4.  I don't even think I started by December 4.  I still have pumpkins on my dining table. I did place some lights on the mantle amid hangover, the weekend after thanksgiving.  Two nights ago I managed to hang the wreath I'd bought two days before that, on the front door with an actual bow. So, there! Xmas! Last weekend we began my Christmas movie weekend with Elf, two friends, and homemade chili.  Yes, I know, chili does not seem terribly xmas-y, but it does warm the belly on a cold winters night.  And did I mention that I'm cold?  Because it's winter?  This weekend will be Scrooged and possibly Love Actually (because G seems to think that it's a Christmas movie.  I'm not so sure but I think it's funny that he wants to watch a chick flick).  This saturday will also be xmas tree day, local bookstore shopping day.  Whatever will I make for dinner?

So far I haven't been out shopping to more than three stores.  I have however shopped online, ordered gifts from small boutique online places, ordered a few things I can't buy locally from Amazon, ordered a few things for me because I have to add a couple of things to add up to $25 to make my shipping free.  Ordered Meg's new book  A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration on the day despite knowing no one who is planning on getting married, just because Meg is amazing.  And added hundreds of things to my amazon wish list and pinterest pages because I'm easy to buy for, I like neat things.  I don't know, maybe I'm not easy to buy for, but for the next 16 days until xmas, I intend to post just some of the things that I think would be awesome presents for me* or for someone like me (aw shit, was that a promise to post????).  Maybe.

Let's start with bakeware that I don't need at all but find to be lovely and would totally buy for someone else if I knew they might want something like this:

Revel Black Belle Cuisine Deep Square Bakers from Sur La Table
  I actually have no need for these but I think matte black bakeware is just hot!

le creuset cassis heritage covered stoneware baker  

Because it has a lid!!! And I have one square baker that is truly my favorite thing to bake in.  Maybe just because it's pretty.

And I didn't know this about myself, but apparently I do kind of love the way le creuset looks.  Tomorrow, things from my very own wish list.  Are you excited?  It's xmas! It's time to be excited by my super holiday looking choices!**

*this is by no means a demand for stuff, because I am pretty content with most of my stuff, but everyone likes pretty things, right?

** does this sarcasm come across at all in my written word?