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15 days until xmas

yep, I do love le creuset.  And I definitely need a honey pot!  Somehow the honey always gets all crusty and you can't squeeze it out of the bear and you can't microwave the bear (BPAs!), or the lid of the jar has glued itself shut with honey, or you were a fool and bought a syrup dispenser and lo and behold the honey does not pour out... oh, the humanity!  That's why I need this lovely honey pot with the little silicone honey dipper.

le creuset honey pot

You think you aren't going to eat that much honey, but you make one pan of cornbread (in your le creuset bakeware) and suddenly you need more.  


  1. Have you been to the Le Creuset Outlet in Marysville? I swear I heard angels singing when I walked in the door.

    I didn't know I wanted a honey pot. Now I do.

  2. Oh no. I was not aware there was a Le Creuset Outlet so close. At least it's far enough away to keep the will power in check.


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