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13 days until xmas - art

Yes, I skipped a day.  Yesterday was filled with xmas shopping, tree dressing chaos (including the tree falling over twice because the stand collapsed and we had to buy a new, burlier one), and xmas movie night showing of Love Actually to the one person who could make it, our friend Ellen.  That's what we get for inviting people to our house meer hours before we want them to arrive.  I guess we are just too spontaneous that way.

Anyway, while I was starting to feel rather anti material possessions, and was considering posting as such, there are two things I am always in support of purchasing: books (which I'll go into later) and art.  Here are just a few pieces that I think are fantastic.  Yes, I want them in my house, and yes, I'm in support of them being in yours.

Poster for Rear Window by Claudia Varosio
Magnolia poster by Claudia Varosio 
Claudia reinvents movie posters.  They are all amazing.

The Butterfly Releaser by Elle Moss
I love pretty much all of what Elle Moss has done from ethereal oddities to nature prints.  They are just lovely.

Dark Forest "Grimm Path" by Miss Quite Contrary
Miss Quite Contrary's etsy shop is filled with prints of vintage photos, maps, books and other antiquities.

Also, both Elle Moss and Miss Quite Contrary are having holiday sales.  Am I allowed to buy myself another present?