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12 days until xmas - drink up!

I'm a big fan of consumable gifts for those who are impossible to buy for, or for those who just really like liquor.*  Here are some good consumables for those that are so inclined:

Lazzaroni Amaretto

This is not the amaretto of the scanky commercials.  This is the amaretto of cookies!  The cookies!  If you haven't had them, they'd be a good gift too.  This amaretto is super delicious in hot orange spice tea with a splash of milk.  It's nice and warming on a winters night.

Counter Gin
My husband informs me that gin was once cheaper than food and was consumed by the poorest of London.  Of course now, in a fancy glass, it's classy as hell.**  Actually, I haven't tried this one yet, but I do love proper chaps wearing corsets.  And, after having no gin and tonic for my grandmother on Thanksgiving, it seemed I needed to restock the pantry with something... worth viewing.

Elijah Craig

I don't really drink whiskey.  I like it occasionally in mixed drinks, but my husbands taste in good whiskey makes me never want to tarnish it's flavor with anything.  Frankly, good whiskey is wasted on me.  But if you are looking for something to give a whiskey lover, my husband says this one is a favorite gift.  He usually gives someone a bottle of Elijah Craig once a year.  And the bottle is pretty, no?
* none of these are actual gifts this year, so I'm not giving anything away, yet.
** is hell classy?