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happy holidays?

my mom should definitely make this wreath.  It's so her.

from Sweet Paul magazine via d*s

and this Sweet Paul magazine is super cute!

and hi again.  no eclair, it's not over yet.  I don't know what it is, but it's not over.  maybe if I used my home computer, I would be better at this but, I'm not interested in making excuses right now.  

I'm planning for hosting my first thanksgiving where G and I have both of our fun and crazy families over.  it seemed like a decent enough idea and then the guest list ballooned to 17 of our lovely family members.  and then one of our future dinner guests died.  and it's pretty crushing and strange as death always is.  I don't know how many people will make it now, but I'm still planning for big.  If less people show, then more leftovers.  still family is good.  I like our families.  and maybe they are a little more important now too.  and this year, I say more holiday cheer.  Cheer, I say, CHEER!!!


  1. Well of course it isn't over...I just get a little impatient sometimes. Yet another character flaw that I am addressing...

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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