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black friday or buy nothing day

Does it count as following the rules if the only thing I buy on black friday is a delivery pizza for dinner because my friends specifically requested it?  The pregnant woman wants a veggie thai pizza from Zeek's.  I do not argue with pregnant ladies.

Anyway, while I have made the pledge to avoid the chaos and commercialism of black friday, I have been shopping about online adding things to my amazon universal wish list.  I've also been thinking that while I don't know what to get those on my xmas list, I am very easy to buy for.  I am always happy with scarves and dish towels, and after hosting a very successful and fun thanksgiving yesterday, it turns out I don't have any serving dishes.  Nor do I have a butter dish.  Actually, this year, I want both a butter dish and a butter crock because I love the idea of a butter crock to keep the butter fresh and it's still nice to have a dish to put butter on the table.  I like these so far:
tea and toast butter dish from anthropologie

le crueset butter crock
I also like lotions that smell like citrus fruits.