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Photo no. 16. - think about pretty things...

There is a spider in my laundry room that is so big I think he is old enough to have learned how to speak english.  Actually, when I say laundry room, I mean unfinished basement where the washer and dryer live, next to the very large spider.  I think I'll call him Bob.  I mean, I figure he should have a name if he's going to prevent me from ever doing laundry again.  I found Bob, when I was trying to do a load of towels.  I brought some freshly dirty ones down and ran a load, and then went to pull the last couple of towels out of the laundry bin, and there he was, crawling all over a bathroom mat, claiming his territory.  That Bob.  So rude.

Anyway, I'm a little freaked out now, and wondering who will do my laundry now that I can't set foot in the basement anymore.  G always forgets to use dryer sheets and wouldn't know to pull out bras before they go in the dryer.  Sigh.

And now that Bob has presented himself to me, I'm certain that he's going to find a nice hiding place so that when I try to sick G on him when he gets home that Bob will have conveniently disappeared.   And supposing I do ever chance doing laundry again, Bob will probably just drop on me from the ceiling.  He'll say, "hey, this is my basement. you left all of this stuff for me, so I get to use it."  Of course I won't hear any of that because I'll be saying "AAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!"

Anyway, hello.  Here is something pretty to think of while I try to get my mind off of Bob.  Is that something crawling on me??? No, it's just a hair.  

This is my portulaca (somehow it looks less impressive on film).  This and my many pots of thyme are the only plants that seem to like the way I water, that is, when I feel like it and definitely not in the morning when I'm already dressed for work, which may not be fancy, but I don't need my outfit either wet, or possibly muddy from a hose gone awry, which my hose has been known to do (that doesn't sound right...).  Anyway, this lovely little drought tolerant succulent flowers all summer long with almost no work from me.  I just get to sit and enjoy it.  Away from Bob.


  1. Perhaps your kitty would like to meet Bob.

    ...and I find rosemary very accepting of my erratic watering habits.


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