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photo no. 5 - my eyes are burning

After an enjoyable morning of feeling rather unproductive - we slept in, met a friend, walked to a bakery  and enjoyed many of my neighborhood yards filled with massive poppies and random other explosions of flowers, G and I somehow managed to get down to the dirty work again.
Someday I'll have these in my yard.

While I went out to tackle some weeding, G just went out to mow the lawn, which now that the two foot high grass is gone, goes really fast.   

pretty purple flowered weeds that smell like ass.
Now, a lot of times, I get overwhelmed with the idea of tackling great big tasks like this.  I also have some allergies and a mild fear of crawly things.  So while my weeding, no matter how well intentioned began with a few little things here and there, G finished up the mowing and decided to get in deep. 
G pulling some sort of strangling vine.
And then kept going.  

And kept going. 

And he managed to pull a crazy amount of ivy and blackberry and unidentified but damned smelly foliage until we were left with sad green and dirt and that broken fence.
But now we can reach the fence to try and replace it.  

Like magic, our lazy day turned productive.  While I often feel like things are going very slowly, because they are, we are making progress.  And I can tell by my itchy throat and burning eyes.  Next step, fencing? 


  1. Ah, the joys of home ownership...

    Herb Robert does smell like ass but I am ever grateful for its wimpy root system that makes it easy to pull.

  2. Ah, Herb Robert. It isn't such an awful plant, it just takes over everywhere. And it's true, the roots are practically non-existent. I'm not sure how they stay upright.


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