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Photo no. 4

I know something about myself that I often refuse to admit - I need to work out, go for a walk, do yoga, get off my butt and move.  Nine months out of the year, it's easier for me to do my moving inside (like at that infernal gym) because it's stupid cold or drizzly or dreary or even dark here a lot (although right now there is still a tiny glimmer of light in the sky, the good side of the long winter nights is the long summer days).  I also do better if someone else is motivating me to move.  And for the last two years of my gym membership, I have tried to find someone else who was into going with me to no avail.  Until recently.  My lovely friend and former co-worker (although we made the pact before she left for a great opportunity) who is also good at scheduling and forcing people to do things, convinced me to sign up at her gym.  And although our schedule accounts for three days a week and we've only averaged two, we're working out.  Hooray!  And today, even though I couldn't make it to the gym with her because I worked two hours late, again, I went anyway.  Because I felt icky and stressed out and I realized (lo and behold!) I needed to work out.  And I did, and now I feel better.  So, I'm hopeful that I can keep this up because I really want to and I think I really need to.

Here's to opening doors.

This is our door within a door window instead of a peephole. * 
*Although we have no curtains so we can see people come up the steps.  Just try and hide from one of those good will solicitors here!  I actually managed to hide directly behind the door once, but only by chance.  Why would I hide from people with such good will?  Well, because I'm the one who gives to all of them.  I'm like an old person with no money who just writes the check anyway.   Planned Parenthood?  of course!  Naral? of course!  Sierra Club?  of course!  People for Puget Sound?  yep, and I got a free grocery tote too.  I'm just a bleeding heart, liberal sucker.  
...who needs to work out.  That's me.