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photo no. 10 - sugar

It's been a long week and a half of gluttony.  If all goes well, I plan on sleeping in a little before making my G some coffee before he goes off to work.  Neither of us uses sugar in our coffee, but sometimes I just want those little things that you're supposed to have in your kitchen: salt and pepper shakers, a sugar shaker, a butter dish (with maybe some butter in it)...

I only recently purchased two different types of salt and pepper shakers because G kept complaining.  We already had salt and pepper grinders, but he wanted the ease of a shaker, because he is a salt fiend, he salts salty things.  So I bought a tiny table top set and a larger "cooking" set.  Perhaps I will take their pictures, but not today.  Today is for the sugar shaker that I covet from the delicioso caffe downstairs from my work, Caffe Senso Unico.  Where I had a coffee too late in the day and now I have a crazy case short attention span where I suddenly loose focus mid-path and... ooh shiny!
So now is for whatever shiny thing I come up with next, and tomorrow is for tomorrow.  Happy weekend lovelies!


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