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how to get things done or how to fail

In list form, it seems more productive.

Photo 1: June 5, 2011
1) I'm filled with great ideas that never come to fruition. Is it because I forget to write them down and so forget about them? Or is it because when I do write them down and then feel pressured by the fact that I have made this demand of myself and have the gut reaction that I don't want to be held down.*
2) Further, I hesitate in telling you my ideas because I then feel added pressure to do them. Does this make me a flake? Crap. I'm a flake. **

  • Step 1 for the blog: stop making excuses about how my laptop battery is dead and so I have to be plugged in to use it and I don't have enough outlets and I spend all day on a computer doing work which is not as fun as writing on my blog but... Or buy the imac that I was going to buy a year ago so that I could make fewer excuses about screen size and being booted from my husbands desk***. Check (now it's my computer hogging the desk (muhahahahaha)).
  • Step 2 or Idea 1 for the blog: write stuff. (too vague). Make better goal.
    • Idea 2: take pictures of the food that you have quite enjoyed making. stopped cooking regularly due to stress of house deconstruction. Make new goal.
    • Idea 3: post pictures of house as it moves forward. hmm. I'm working on this one still. G and I had his mom and sister over for dinner on Mother's Day and my favorite response to our house so far came from sister: "From the pictures on your blog, I thought we would be eating on the floor in a pile of rubble. This looks amazing!" Yep, that's a complement. Of course, I didn't post that she said that or that I have been thinking about posting pictures of the good progress I made since then. system failure. get up and try again. no really, try again.
    • Idea 5: just post the things you want for the house. nope. too difficult. I don't have the energy for all of that research as it is, let alone making myself an ongoing blog of things that I want but can't afford. blech. That's what I read other blogs for****.
    • Idea 4: take one picture per day using my iphone (so as not to create any additional strife with camera docking etc., etc.), and post it to the blog in whatever state it may be in. No this is not a new idea but I thought it might get me going again. Now that I have stopped blogging, I have been struggling with more and more writers block. Maybe doing something obvious that has been done before will kick me out of my slump.
    • Idea 5: Combine ideas 3 and 4 to post pictures, good and bad of the house in its many states of both good, bad and in progress. This must include the yard:
      • Last weekend we pulled no less than 100,000***** dandelions out of our yards, the kind with multigenerational roots. There are still dandelions but I haven't had it in me to keep going. And we also pulled the dead japanese maple tree out of the front yard, only to find a water pipe running directly under the root system. Fun times. Now the front yard is a sad patch of grass, some resilient dandelions, a pile of dirt, some california poppies (because if you're going to have weeds at least keep the ones with flowers) and some other unidentified weeds that are choking out the two live rose bushes that almost look like they are ready to bloom. (Did I mention that this weekend was the first day to reach over 70 degrees in 196 days? And, now I'm inside. Lame? Maybe. But, here I am communicating for my own pleasure. Will you still read? I don't know. My monthly google analytics emails say "your stats are down. Happy blogging!" Grumble, grumble, condescending electronically generated anti-motivational tool.) Anyway!
  • Step 3: Get started...again. Check.
Conclusion: I don't have one. I am too full of excuses about it. But I'm going with Idea 5. Post one picture a day of the house or whatever else and if I post words with it, so be it. If not, picture it is.

Until tomorrow I guess.

*Is it an excuse that I'm even bothering to tell you about it?
**Is this self-deprication or a reality check?
***Which is actually my desk but because I have/had a laptop, I told him he could have the desk. hmm.
****When I do, but I haven't been much lately because reading blogs on the iphone isn't as fun as it sounds. I'm getting very squinty of late.
*****Mild exaggeration is fun. It was probably only 1,000 but still!


  1. I'm still reading! And that picture is awfully beautiful, for a phone or otherwise!

  2. aw. thanks. that you are still reading is a huge complement.

  3. Good to see you alive- looking forward to the house pictures

  4. This is the story of my life, and sadly my blog. I think I wrote down some goals for it in January, but I'm afraid to look at them now. How is it June already? Sigh.

    Lovely picture. Can't wait to see how this progresses!


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