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beet cake

it's father's day. I'm not making beet cake because my sis-in-law is in charge of dessert. Instead I'm making cheater's quiche (I can't find my rolling pin (lost in the basement still)) so I'm purchasing the crust pre-made (gasp!). hopefully the innards will make up for it.

In any case, this video is super pretty and makes me want to make beet cake.

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.


  1. The video is awesome!!! It makes baking look so more enjoyable than it actually IS. Maybe it'll inspire me to get in the kitchen, with or without the wine. :)

  2. wine is what cooking is all about!!!

  3. well, geesh, you make a video like that and it can make chicken pot pie look like gourmet! How did she not burn her hands touching the over???

  4. mollie: it's all a ruse. either that or she has hands fused with silicone mits.


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