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On my drive to work, I pause to take a right a block from the Pacific Northwest Ballet. I often see the PNB ballerinas on walking to work. There is no mistaking their long limbed, svelte bodies, with perfect posture, often adorned with a high messy bun. Then again, I'll sometimes see them in the grocery store deli that I frequent for lunch. 

tonight, I'm escaping with the girls, to go to the ballet. 
{rodney smith}
It's been a long time since I've seen them dance and contort. I'm sure it will be lovely.


  1. Oh god, if I had to run into ballet dancers on a daily basis I might just jump off a bridge. I am so envious of them, there are days I would give up a leg to have my remaining leg look like that of a ballet dancer. And the collarbones aren't bad either.


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