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a room of one's own

I think you may have heard me wining about not having my own space where I can sew, blog, whatever. Yeah, I'm still dreaming of that perfect workspace in my future. I'm getting one very soon*.  I can almost taste it (you know, the taste of paint and wood glue). 

And while I wait**, I'm not even searching for lovely office images, they just keep coming to me, taunting me, saying "See this? You want it and you can't have it!" 
To which I reply "HA! Just you wait!" 
...and I wait some more. Anyway.
(coco kelley)
I just saw this one on coco+kelly and immediately felt the drool at my lip. I think I love every little thing about this room except that I can't stand the two chairs. Both are hideous and look woefully uncomfortable***. But. Still I love a little inspiration. And then I stumbled on the unclutterer workspace of the week. Ah inspiration.

** and wait some more because our roommate whose room will be my office has not moved out yet. Although he has stopped sleeping here. You know, since he's getting married on Saturday*****. 

*** you know, compared to my office chair which is actually a balance ball.

**** bonus points for anyone who appreciates this reference. please leave a comment.

*****more on this drama very,very soon.


  1. is the ref to Charlotte's parlor in Pride in Prejudice? that's what I thought of immediately when I read your header.

    I wanna room too!!


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