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last minute wedding invitation

I'm still not sure if I can go because today is G's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY G! - and we might be trying to do a little birthday party thing on Saturday but, we got invited to a wedding that takes place on Saturday. My MOH's sister is getting married, so I don't feel a bit weird about a last minute invitation. The only concern I have is:
what the heck am I going to wear???
I've gained a little bit of weight since my own wedding and the dress that I would wear (the first wedding dress I bought) probably won't fit. I wore it on our honeymoon but with all that coconut milk and rum, I gained a few pounds, like, instantly. It wasn't quite as comfortable as it was when I first tried it on.
I know I have another wedding coming up too, but I put off caring about what to wear (I'd rather not go but that's another story completely). Anyway. I'm thinking about getting some spanx or something. If only I could just put on this little Paul Smith number...
{Paul Smith via this is glamourous}


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