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ham and cheese

Recently, my friend Sarajane declared that pork is her only downfall to being a dedicated pescetarian. Her husband is a vegetarian, making it that much easier to avoid pork, but since he wasn't having dinner with us, she ordered the pork.

I actually don't eat a lot of meat. I hate to prepare meat, and even get a little grossed out preparing fish. But because of this, I have long struggled with eating enough protein. As much as I'd like to believe it, cheese is not really a good source. So, I tend to eat a lot of prepared meats, like lunchmeats and sausages (although usually turkey and ham) which are probably the worst possible choice. So as much as I might periodically woo the concept of going veg, it's just not going to happen yet.

And my downfall?

I love ham. And bacon. And prosciutto. And pepperoni (except this is often made with other meats as well (I'm trying not to think about it)). Basically any cured pork.  I know it's terrible for me, nonetheless, I love it. And I don't eat ham a lot, maybe once a week? twice?*.

And with that in mind, my true downfall: ham and cheese croissants.

I haven't been to the bakery I usually get my ham and cheese croissants from in a while because, well, like I said, I try to refrain. Not only are my delicious ham and cheese croissants filled with ham, they are also filled with cheese (I know shocking right?) and wrapped in a shell of buttery, flakey, white-floury goodness. But the bakery, well, I've known for a long time that it's a bit of a hippie bakery. Which is not at all a bad thing because that actually means they use quality ingredients and produce super tasty baked goods. Except that, this morning, I went in to get my buttery loveliness for the first time in a couple of months and, wouldn't you know, they've stopped making them. Because they don't bake with meat anymore.

Blergh! stupid bakery. stupid ham. grr.

I also want to say, that after that last post, you all were so sweet and kind and lovely to me. It really filled my heart with love. buttery, flakey love.

*I'll admit to no more than that...


  1. i LOVE ham and cheese croissants. in fact during a recent three month stint of working at the local trauma hospital these were the highlight of my days. when i had to work 30 hours in a row a delicious hammy and cheese (as i affectionately refer to them) could make me forget about all the misery of the past 30 hours.

    i could NEVER give them up.

  2. so funny, i love ham too and ham and cheese croissants, but i probably only eat it once a month same goes for bacon...

    and yes, please come to my party. oct.30th you haven't missed it.


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