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we had a lot of trouble registering for gifts. our house is small, filled to the brim and we share it with a roommate. but soon, our roommate will be moving out. suddenly, I am able to nest like a proper newlywed but I am torn between paying more for rent and spending more on things I like. does it even out if we have a garage sale?

already, I bought this adorable little cappuccino set. it stacks so it saves space and it's cute so I don't mind having it on the counter. cute right?
{pt cappuccino set}

and here are just a few things I wouldn't mind having from CB2...

we need a new bed and G doesn't want any of the fake wood veneer from IKEA. perhaps the solution is metal? I think I'd want to see it in the store first though.
{CB2 alpine gunmetal bed}
and then I found this one which I like even better. especially with those side tables which I have been passively shopping for about two years.
{CB2 forte bed and proof nightstands}
I already know G and I both love these wall sconces:
{CB2 boxes wall sconces}
our wine rack is our roommates, so we'll need one of those...
{CB2 cellar wine rack}
wouldn't this rug be just lovely in my new office/sewing room?
{CB2 birdwalk rug}
a girl can dream can't she?


  1. Dang- I heard nesting and got all excited you might be prego

  2. that's all i do all day long is dream. ha! it's good for the soul.


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