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I'm sorry, did I interrupt you? or aw snap!

Normally I don't blatantly repost like this, but I had to share what Meg posted this on A Practical Wedding this morning. I admit, I felt a little weird watching something from Fox news as I usually try to block out anything to do with evil social conservativism, but that is part of what makes this interview so perfect.

The good conversation is over at Meg's but feel free to leave comments provided they are not hateful.

I don't want to be pessimistic about my readers, but part of my recent drama has to do with dealing with a judgmental and hateful person who seems to believe she is helping the world with her bigotry. If I haven't stated my views plainly enough before, please note that I believe that same sex couples have the right to get married.

And if you want more, the long, unedited interview is over here.


  1. I saw this over on her site this morning too! it brought a tear to my eye...and I instantly reposted it to my Facebook page. Where the majority of my friends are ultra conservative we'll see if I get unfriended today ;-/

  2. What I have recently realized is that when I bite my tongue, I only hurt myself. Granted, there are complicated situations where one might not want to discuss religion or politics but my personal blog, my personal facebook, my personal twitter - I'm going to say how I feel. And while I may not be the most eloquent, I don't try to say things in a hurtful way and I try to leave room for discussion.

  3. I showed that to everyone I know today!

  4. Just watched that on my couch with Craig and we smiled a lot. Usually those interviews give me an immediate ulcer, but I had total confidence in that dude. Good stuff!


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