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hot quiche!

On Monday evening, we had dinner for G's mom's birthday (mother-in-law has such strange connotations). G and I made some delicious vegetarian quiche, with my first real attempt at pie crust. I can't take all the credit because G and I worked together. Our little heat wave was still in effect (it's gone now and back to being overcast and cool - some summer) so we had to work that buttery dough fast to keep it cold. My mom, the pie expert, warns about overworking the dough anyway so, we did our best. My mom always uses lard for her pie crust, but that isn't a vegetarian option. So, we used a recipe out of the Gourmet cookbook which called for butter and a little vegetable shortening (we used vegan earth balance - none of that trans-fat crap) which I think resulted in a happy medium between flaky and crumbly. I can't wait to try this pie crust for a fruit pie. Quiche is tricky though, and the egg took a while to set. And in my unpredictable oven, I think the crust browned a little too quickly. I covered them with foil in order to prevent further browning but that didn't help the egg any. I think they turned out just fantastic. One quiche was asparagus, leek and balsamic saut√©ed mushrooms with english cheddar and the other was cherry tomato, leek and goat cheese. delish!
{we the happy quiche-makers*}
*this is not the most flattering pic. G's mom likes to take tons of pictures and I can't say that I looked terribly good in any of them. I may never wear that shirt again - I'm looking a little bloated. Did I mention it was also like 90 degrees? 


  1. i'm coming over to eat THAT stuff...omg. i dream of eating yummy things like that...and then the idea of all that work results in me making toast. i'm so lame.

  2. I have BIG quiche making plans. Swiss chard and super-sharp cheddar. YUUMMM.


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