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I took the day off yesterday. I got to spend it with my G who has Mondays instead of Sunday's off. Let me just say that it is subtly obnoxious to have only one day off with my man. Sometimes I think that if we had two whole days off together we might run away more often, but I've given up dreaming about that kind of thing. Every little adventure has to be preplanned and we aren't planners. We're terrible at it. We like to do all kinds of adventurous things in theory, hiking, I might even bike, but that involves planning and getting up before 10 on a "weekend" day.
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Anyway, part of my lovely yesterday was super productive. I finished designing and ordered my thank you notes so that we can thank our lovely wedding guests for their generosity (I know, I know, really really late! perfectionism paralysis). I'll post pics as soon as I get them mailed out. before that I got to hang out in G's office and read a magazine while I drank my coffee. All the while I stared at the well-worn, well-stained ottoman that I got for free ages ago. It would be fine if I just put a cover on it. And then I saw this post on design*sponge. maybe it's just that Grace puts out so much content eventually it will hit me at just the right moment, but this one hit me at just the right moment. once our roommate moves out finally (although we haven't seen him in three weeks... is it me?*), I can set up my sewing machine and not have to take over the dining room. woo hoo! I'm going to recover that ottoman. Small project I know, but one that needs to be done.
Are you putting off the projects that you want to do?

* I think it's me.


  1. we sure are! but now that the wedding is over there isn't much of an excuse.... sigh.

    i saw a rug i want to make and the damn cat shelves we've been talking about for months is still hanging out on a to-do list somewhere. can't i just be lazy for another week or two?

  2. Angie - I think I have been lazy for almost a year. So I think you can take a couple of weeks off...

  3. First off I love the blue background.

    That picture of the ottoman is adorable, I want to plop down on it right now and wait for someone to pick me up to go somewhere.

    And this is the dumbest "put off" project ever, but we need to fix our bed. It used to sit under these two photo frames, all centered, but our dog comes flying into the room and jumps on it, sending it a millimenter to the left every day so now it is NOT CENTERED. And that is the END OF THE WORLD. So we need to move it back and find a way to secure it so it can't shift.

    Yep, told you it was dumb. We're lazy as hell.


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