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cobbler v crumble, part 1

{via orangette}
I had plans. they were big. they were thoughtful. and in my head they were well thought out, well researched. well. but. wrenches were thrown in the works. and then, I stopped procrastinating on one of my big things. like really big. and it made me anxious and scared and then worried and then relieved and it's only just begun. but. it has finally begun. which left me a little out of here. but tonight, on the verge of my three day weekend (woo hoo!) I will be making cobbler (and orangette just posted about cobbler too so I guess it's meant to be). So here is to a long week finished with cobbler.* and probably wine.
happy friday!!!

* and then there will be a review of cobbler v. crumble, because long ago, before that orangette post, I started a post on it because Jasper asked me about it. me! and I was honored and did research.

** and Jes, you should come over because you deserve a lovely piece of cobbler.


  1. Oh! I saw Molly's post earlier and have been thinking of cobbler all day. Too bad berries are so expensive here. Maybe I should try it with mangoes?


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