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at last the ordeal was over

today is a day of anxiety, procrastination, lack of focus, irritation and stupidity. hooray! and since I have come up with so few intelligent words to share with you, other than mutterings of stupid frustration, I leave you with this:
{image by stella marrs via}
this is for Lyn over at another damn wedding, which if you aren't reading it yet, you should be.
Lyn, soon you will get to remove your hair thing-y, whatever it ends up being and it will be over. only you'll be smiling and laughing too.


  1. HA! I love this! Thank you so much! GET OFF MY HEAD, HAIR THING.

  2. someday lets meet for drinks in Seattle. maybe in 30 years when we are way old and a lil wrinkly. my treat.

    wrote about you yesterday...and how fab you are:

  3. 30 years!!! we have to meet up before I'm 64 years old (omigod 64 years old...)


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