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an argument against my google reader, f@#$*ing dinner redux and thank you

So. A while ago when I realized that google analytics doesn't pick up any data from people that read my blog in google reader, I all but abandoned my own google reader (despite it's convenience) and started clicking directly to the blogs that I love. If I wan't my stats up, I want your stats up. Naturally, I have all but forgotten about a few of the blogs that I love (I follow like 300 blogs, I just can't keep up), but now I get to see how pretty my friends blogs are and the other bits and pieces that line the posts with other extraneous loveliness (check out hindsight bride's gorgeous new design here and simply freckles new blogger here).  I am also more likely to read the comments and comment because I'm already on the actual blog. This also reaffirms my sense of community with you lovely ladies (unless you are a man in which case you are welcome but know you are reading a girlie blog).

Despite my erratic posting schedule, I am also a whore for comments and emails, in case I haven't made my self clear previously. I can't think of a single time that I haven't smiled (a full, cheek-pulled, upturned lip corners, squinty-eye smile) when I have received a comment. I don't immediately respond in my own comments section and I don't always email back mainly because I tend to read my email on my crackberry which has proven to be detrimental (at this moment there are 1172 "new" messages in my Mac Mail inbox that I have actually read already. ugh.).  okay I might be babbling a little here, but wait, don't go! where are you going?

okay, so in turning my back on my google reader (temporarily) I have started to adjust my blog accordingly. It has become my new google reader. I have added a few links on the side of my favorite daily reads, I have started (it's not finished yet) expanding and categorizing my link list, and I've added the image and link. maybe it's just my inner twelve-year-old, but this site still makes me laugh and it often has some yummy sounding recipes which then inspire me to make something for dinner. even if it isn't what they suggested. the fact of the matter is, the martha food recipe database takes too, ehem, f@#$ing long to load (please take note martha's web people) because it launches so many videos and flash animations (just getting the link for above launched a little guitar song accompanied food video and some salad bowls rolling across the damned screen). I get the little hourglass for an actual hour when I do a recipe search and I don't even have that slow an internet!!! we don't all have T1 lines people!

but I digress. my point is I've kind of turned my blog into a link list and collection of random things I like for myself because now that I'm nearly a year married, I don't so much write about the wedding stuff. go figure. but I still like stuff. and I think you like stuff too. so I'm sharing my cool stuff with you, if you want to read about it. so, if you read my blog - thank you. and if you read my blog in a reader - thank you. and if you read my blog via subscribing by email - thank you (do any of you actually do that? I don't even know if it works). but if you read my blog in a reader, please occasionally click over, and comment too. it won't hurt a bit. or email me. I'd love to hear from you and type you a short, possibly misspelled reply with my thumbs (see crackberry). we are a community after all (thanks for reminding me Jes!)!

Now, who wants some f@#ing dinner?

{cafe press f@#$ing dinner store}
p.s. I also recommend the control click or the apple click to open a new tab in your window so that you can read the link that I've sent you to AND comment almost simultaneously. although right now i have a total of 25 tabs open. hmm.  love you guys!


  1. I ended up hating the Google Reader thing. I was getting too much info...which made me feel like I was spreading myself too thin...and like I was always a lil behind. EXCEPT, blogging was my indulgence away from real life - there was no way my indulgence was going to make me feel overwhelmed. Ha! So I cut back. And now I only visit a few blogs...and I go there directly from my blog's sidebar too. It works for me.

  2. Kismet my friend, thank you! The universe seems to be working through you. I have at least a hundred blogs in my reader and have been so overwhelmed lately. Like Jes, I feel like I'm spreading myself too thin. For example, whilst massacring Swiss Meringue Buttercream, which I have no business making in the midst of a heat wave, I ended up combing through my old DIY cake notes from the wedding looking for a solution to too warm, too soupy buttercream. What I found was all the notes I wrote for the hindsight bride immediately after our wedding when I was bursting with ideas. I started the hindsight bride to offer hindsight advice and mountain inspiration. While I am happy with my progress with the inspiration part, I hate that I don;t do more with the hindsight part. The problem is Google Reader. I get all caught up in the constant stream of eye candy, gravitating to it like a magpie to tin foil. While I cannot imagine going off of my google reader cold turkey, I think limiting my intake each day will help me get back on track with my own vision for the Hindsight Bride blog.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out and kind words about my new design darlink! MWAH!

  3. oh lord Martha's whole site is just AWFUL. The blog images never load, the shop section is impossible to navigate, the pictures are usually too tiny to see (especially if its for a craft and you actually need to see what they're doing) and its just amazing that someone who is such a "media guru" could have such a terrible site. I've taken to tweeting @marthastewart at least a few times a week about how terrible I find it. Maybe one day they'll get some better servers and lay off the intense ads.
    Also, I never knew that reader screws with analytics, so thanks for that tidbit-and I didn't just click through and comment cause you asked, I did it because a. I like your blog and b. I'm happy to find someone who has the same MS website complaints-maybe if we all band together we can get Martha to fix her site.

  4. I read you! I pretty much use my sidebar and really need to update it. I also used to check analytics but abandoned it after a few weeks.

  5. I read you! I pretty much use my sidebar and really need to update it. I also used to check analytics but abandoned it after a few weeks.

  6. duly noted. linking over from reader to say HI!


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