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tart as plums

Last year, our landlord took it upon himself to plant a peach tree and a plum tree in our front yard. super pretty, all we had to do was water them. and lo and behold the little saplings are bearing fruit! we had to rig stakes with a mess of twine to keep the plum tree's branches from bending to the ground, it was so heavy with fruit. In the last week a couple tumbled from the tree, so I plucked a big bowl full of small but ready plums. It was good timing too because suddenly the leaves started to get all wilted and I had to douse the poor thing in a stream of water. It has rained and been so nasty for so long I couldn't imagine that the ground wasn't saturated but...
Anyway, the bounty of plums were pretty small and a bit tart which someone I know said is what the first year of fruit brings. But I didn't let that stop me from making this rosemary plum crisp from canelle et vanille.
{cannelle et vanille}
It was delicious. But in typical me fashion, here are my notes on what went wrong with my rosemary plum crisp:

  • In the future, I would use truly good fruit. My tree just isn't producing the sweetest fruit yet. By acquiring farmers market plums, the slices would also be larger.
  • I'd use a better lemon for the zest, and I need to buy a zester because a cheese microplane is not the same thing. I didn't really get the zest I was looking for. 
  • I actually thought that there was too much butter when I melted the full 1/2 cup - I only used 1/4 cup but it could have handled a little more. I have made this mistake before with crisps. butter equals crispety goodness.  

But as always, I'm excited to make something gluten-free that is tasty! Have you tried anything new lately?

(But now I feel a little guilty that I promised some plums to my elderly neighbor and didn't save enough. Perhaps I'll go to the farmer's market for more plums.)


  1. Sounds yummy! I love plums. A backyard with a plum tree would be amazing. I have just loved the fruit that is in season for the summer.


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