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and now for something positive...

found via wooden nickle
(yeah, that's right, comment and/or begin following my blog and I'll end up on your's.)

p.s. I think I'm preparing for a giveaway soon, would anyone be into that?


  1. You've hit the big time, Sera! Did you see this:
    Better Homes & Gardens, via the Relentless Bride. Congrats!!!!

    And yeah, I'm up for the giveaway.:-)

  2. ohmygosh! YOU ARE A FREAKIN' BLOG CELEB!!! and your my friend!? that's how we roll.

    still adorin' on you miss sera.

  3. love it! failing, living and learning :) yeah, it's life ;)

    did you enjoy the couple of really hot days we just had? :))


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