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Today has been a wheat day. It started with a slight hangover and a deep desire for an egg sandwich from Starbucks. Oh english muffin, how I love thee. Next, as my co-worker and I headed out to just get some nice innocent soup, we walked out to the corner and found a new dessert truck (I have no name for you yet, so hold for an update when they come back next Thursday). I bought an uber-delish Macrina roll to go with my soup. And then hello High-5 apple hand pie and dessert-truck baker special carrot cake cookie sandwich with cream cheese filling. No I didn't eat them all at once. (I meant to eat a nice light lunch because today is my friend Jason's birthday (happy birthday, Jase!) and for dinner we will be eating a ton of amazing food at Spinasse. oh well.)

Even though I'm eating wheat some of the time, I'm still trying to lay off for the most part which is why I was delighted to have this this Kitchn recipe for vegan and gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with coconut icing arrive in my inbox today. You know how I feel about the coconut. And this recipe only calls for two flours instead of say 25 or so like normal gluten-free recipes. So, I might be making these soon. Let me know if you decide to.

and for more food fun, see the seven year itch. (muahahahahahahahaha)