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note to self...

today I acknowledged once again that I am a perfectionist to a massive fault and need to learn to become an imperfectionsist
and I am also a flake and if I can sit down and take this advice to heart, maybe my life will be better. 

{Miss Aniela via prosecco and lemonade}
can someone kick me in the ass? please? 


  1. I can't motivate myself either so can we sort of shout at each other to get moving!?

    I'm pretty good at the motivating others. Or at least nagging them into submission?

  2. I like the orange. And I needed to read this today. Thanks for the reminder to let it go......weddings are better when they're challenging, right?

  3. EFF that! Teel you what, I'm not going to be the one to kick you in the ass chicky poo. I'm going to be the one who tells you you're too hard on yourself. I'm going to be the one who encourages you to see in yourself what we see in you: a kick-ass woman. But stop being the kind of kick-ass woman that constantly kicks you own ass! Trust me, there are plenty of lamo people out there; you are NOT one of them!


  4. lol! good for you... knowing is the first step :)

  5. I LOVE this! I too need to learn to be an imperfectionist - thank you for helping me name that. I had so much to say about imperfectionism, and writing, and getting un-stuck, I wrote a whole post about it. Thanks, Sera!

  6. Good luck and if you figure it out can you let me in on the secret?


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