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Yep, it's cloudy again in dear old seattle, but now that it's "summer" it's nearly warm enough to sit out side regardless of the weather. I've been telling G that we need an umbrella for when it finally gets sunny. But theoretically, it would double as something to sit under for when it's sprinkling, you know, because it's an umbrella. I've been thinking about this one from west elm:
{west elm}
Although I'm not sure I want to pay shipping on a 60 lb umbrella stand since we don't have the table as an anchor. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to get a reasonably priced patio umbrella?

Because I'm certain all I need is an umbrella to look like this:
{bits of beauty}


  1. Is the West Elm umbrella in stock in Portland? Might be a good excuse for a road trip. On the way back you could stop at IKEA for an umbrella stand and meatballs.

    It appears I have a meatball fixation as of late.

  2. whether you get an umbrella online or not, places like target & bed bath & home depot sell stands for much cheaper (& less shipping). not that i'm all advocate for major boxing stores, but shipping is a painful thing. & umbrellas are all light & love.


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