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breaking away

Last weekend, my lovely friend Jes of A.Mountain.Bride got married on her mountain top. I spent the weekend sending her blessings from somewhere other than the blogosphere. On Sunday, I read the readings from her wedding and, honestly, I am at a loss for words. I got nothin'.

However, before she left for her weeks of bliss, Jes asked me to share some of my wedding on her blog. Naturally, I was honored. Today, you can see a little of my wedding and a little of my dress over on A.Mountain.Bride. And later I suspect that I will be sharing a few more photos here, too.

Thanks Jes! I wish you and Tommy the best!


  1. Sera,

    I just read your lovely post on A Mountain Bride (I will be there later on for Jes). Now I must check out more of your blog...


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