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pretty in blue

{part of her 2010 lookbook via leannem.}
In our neighborhood, on a tree lined major arterial, there is a posh little wedding boutique that I have never set foot in. It's not for lack of bridal frocks modeled in the window, but when I was looking for a dress, I didn't want white and, I was afraid of going into any of these places. I was afraid they would convince me what I knew wasn't true - that I should wear a white gown. A strapless, floor-length, expensive, white gown.
Until I was engaged, I purposefully avoided window shopping that store and once engaged, I sneered at it's princess flounces. But now that it's all over and done with, when we drive by I stare earnestly at the three white gowns that dress the window. Often they are overly frilly, strapless and well, average-looking. But sometimes they are very pretty.

Yesterday, we were stopped at the light that allowed me to stare perfectly into the window and G noticed me looking at the dresses again.
That one is actually pretty, I said.
The one in the middle, yes. he said.
After a moment I asked, Are you still glad I wore blue?
Absolutely. It would have been weird otherwise. You wouldn't have looked like you.
And that's why I married him.


  1. if not for the blue i would have never blog-met you! not to mention that there needs to as many examples of people feeling like they can choose what suits them rather than what's expected. those bridal magazines & shops made me feel like i couldn't breathe when i thought of them (i never even stepped in one). choosing something non-traditional meant getting to dress shop as if i was buying a dress for an incredible occasion and got to look wherever i wanted! it felt like a freedom. Z & i finally JUST got our photos--i can't wait to get back to the states and take a look! which is also to say, i am really looking forward to finally seeing yours!

  2. BEAUTIFUL. Leanne Marshall can do no wrong in my eyes.


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