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i'm obsessed

when will it end?
{urban outfitters - I'll take the shirt without the sullen expression. thank you.}
{angela hardison via d*s}
{more hardison via d*s. not stripey but completely lovely}


  1. totally agree. i would rock a black and white striped shirt every day. except i only have one. so that wouldn't work.

  2. Seriously can I ask about the sullen expressions? I never buy Urban online because of this! Just don't get it.

  3. Agreed. Shared obsession. I have also incorporated navy and white and green and white to my stripey love.

  4. how am i just now finding this post? aw, well thanks for the link and including my striped dwell bedding.

    i'm pretty much obsessed with stripes too and not sure it will ever end. my closet is being consumed with stripes... love them.


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