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bad influence

just five minutes of trolling the blogs and I end up buying shoes. you all are dangerous.

what lace and likes posted:
{seychelles via lace and likes}
what I bought:
 {the seychelles that I bought on endless}


  1. I've almost bought those top shoes for my wedding twice. Maybe this has convinced me to just do it already! Seychelles are soo very very comfortable and cute to boot! Love the dark coral-y ones you bought, too! I'll take two of each, please ;)

  2. seychelles just make the greatest shoes!
    sorry for the bad influence ;-)
    the ones you bought are SUPER cute

  3. oh but they are so cute - who could blame you, really?!

  4. I've been eying those shoes at the top for awhile. So tempted...


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