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The days are getting longer and the sun keeps appearing with promise of better days to come, and yet Saturday the wind was so cold it would not let me forget about winter. I guess I just need an atrium...
{Juliet Notes}
{juliet notes}
with a lovely little table like this:
unless I move somewhere warm...
{juliet notes}
or just wait for warm weather to come in a couple of months. I'm so busy yet so impatient...
{more deco love}
{more deco love}
And then the only thing left is to figure out what to wear to my garden party... 
and if my friends will make fun of me for being so, girly. anyone want to come over for a girly garden party? we can play croquet and eat tea sandwiches and macarons. or ceviche and sangria...


  1. ohdearlord I want a little windowed building like that someday...with beautiful trees...and pretty fabric on an overstuffed sofa. Perfect for tea parties (not that i've ever been to a tea party)...but def perfect for sangria filled afternoons...i LOVE sangria in the afternoon.

    i'd wear my prettiest frock. i really would.

  2. i would love to join in on the tea-ing & crumpet-ing & vintage dressage. the women in my family run a champagne croquet tournament every summer. so i'm all ready!

  3. Yes, I will take a little of all of the above.

    I was telling my realtor to find a house with a washer dryer on the first floor, when I really should have been saying was "Atrium. Now."

  4. oh! I want an atrium as well. with all your amazing finds inside!


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