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holy bloody mary

{image by me}
I was in fact correct in thinking that I was getting sick. I caught the flu and it wasn't very nice. I didn't feel like doing anything besides wanting to sleep all day, especially not force my bleary eyes to stare at a computer screen. (and it debunked a surprise I had for you. so that will have to wait until next week.)

luckily it was a pretty short lived cold lasting only three full days. last night I began feeling a bit better and this morning I felt nearly like myself again. so we went to have a nice reparative breakfast at Smartypants. They serve a great divey breakfast and an even better bloody mary. Perhaps the best bloody mary in town. Each one is hand crafted with tons of lime and horseradish.

One never has to wait for a table at this bar in Georgetown and since it's a bar, you never have to deal with screaming kids (someday, I will probably be thankful for places that deal with kids but as a childless, breakfast drinker, it's nice nice to share that time with other childless, breakfast drinkers).

This was my magically delicious eggs benedict (I'm still waiting for my allergy test results so I'm still nibbling on a few wheaty products). And I would have felt amazing except I drank about 3 cups of coffee too many. But I still felt better than I have in a few days.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better. That breakfast looks delicious. I hope the food allergy tests go well, anything medical related is frustrating much less dealing with being careful with your diet.

    michelle @ blissful musings


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