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such a hasbeen

{swedish hasbeens}
the most comfortable heels I've ever owned are my dansko clogs. they may not be real heels but considering they add an extra two inches, I say they count. as someone who spent years tromping around in dansko clogs, slinging coffee and waiting tables they were the only shoes that didn't make my knees and hips ache after eight to ten hours on my feet. since I've given that up for an office job where I sit on my booty all day ballet flats have replaced clogs as my standard footwear. however, recently I had three pairs of trousers hemmed by a professional (not because I can't do it, but because I don't like to). they are all still a little long for ballet flats because she insisted that I needed to wear a short heel with my pants. well now all of my pants are either too long, too short, too small or, well, just fit, but are one of the too long or too short. and then I saw swedish hasbeens. sigh. so so cute, and just a tad out of my price range. plus the reviews on endless said that if you have high arches, they are terribly uncomfortable. i have high arches. so that's out. instead I ordered those cute little dankso sally mary janes at the bottom. no they aren't in blue or pink, but I have a feeling they'll be just lovely. and I'll be able to wear them more than just three months out of the year. and maybe they'll seem cuter if I wear them with an adorable dress and bend down to pick up my dropped clutch... or not.


  1. i live in dansko's. i have a pair of the diana mary jane's and they all but changed my life. :-)

    did you know i'm going to be a podiatrist in two months? i care about your high arches. i really do. am i'm glad you care about them too.

  2. btw:


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