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sewing room of one's own

first I'd like to say that my heart is full from all of your lovely words of encouragement about my last post. thank you thank you thank you. if only I could play hooky from work and get started right now...

I'm still toying with how best to go about destroying my dining room. once I do that, what I shall I make first... something quick for sake of "instant" gratification, or something more laborious.... okay. sketch pad first. (i always get ahead of myself.)

in the meantime, I'll just dream of having my own little nook like this one...

{image via sfgirlbybay}


  1. I totally understand. It's always nice to have an actual place. I wish I could sew :(

  2. Ok, can we just be friends now? Go check my post from today. Yep I bought a sewing machine. We have more coordinating posts. Only difference being with this particular one, I have NO CLUE what I am doing when it comes to sewing. Want to help me? Please? :)

    michelle @ blissful musings

  3. this looks fabulous!!! have you made one yet???


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