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pretty poofy princess madness

what seems like ages ago now (only last year), I was having dinner with a friend and talking about what I wanted in a wedding dress. at the time I wasn't sure what it should be, but I knew what I didn't want it to be. my friend is not a super girlie girl and so we were discussing how neither one of us had grown up with a childhood fantasy about our weddings. I never dressed barbie up like a poofy princess bride to marry ken (I didn't even have a ken). and to be honest, as old as I am, I had gotten to the point where, because I didn't think I would get a chance to have one, I didn't want to think about weddings at all.

so sure, maybe some girls grow up dreaming of being that pretty poofy princess bride someday, but when talking about we dreamed of when we were kids, i realized that, i just wanted to be a ballerina. what does that mean?

{image via rodney smith}


  1. Thanks for the link, lady.

    Sorry I haven't written before. Started a new job. Things are CRAZY

  2. Great minds think alike. There is something amazing about telling an entire story through dancing and music. Maybe we can go take an adult ballet class and watch 5 year-olds twirl around us.

    michelle @ blissful musings

    p.s thanks so much for coming by my blog! I'll be adding yours to my reader now. I love finding new blogs. :)

    (sorry I don't think I fit in any of the open id profiles below and there isn't the name/url option)


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