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like wildfire

i just read here that apparently anthropologie is going to be launching its own wedding brand replete with dresses, shoes, jewelry, invitations, the works. but we'll have to wait until spring 2011.

during my last jaunt over there I saw the drifting by dress and it struck me just how easy it would be to buy a simple wedding or bridesmaid dress there and not completely break the bank. just add a belt or sash or shrug and it's totally your own. actually my MOH wanted to wear a dress from anthro but the colors didn't coordinate well with my dress - if i'd only gone with white.
cherie {love the black straps}
drifting by
wind catcher
picture show {so fifties!}
bayan {oh how I love layers of silk}
traced twirls {I think I have to at least try this one on...}

which one is your favorite?