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ask and ye shall receive

{from heart of light on 100 layer cake}
Upon waking up this morning, like many mornings, my head would not let go of all of the things that I feel like I need and want to do. would. not. let. go. And the more it won't let go, the more I feel like I've failed. I make lists and lists and sometimes this helps and sometimes it makes me feel more like a failure. At one point I even bought little stickers to stick next to the extra hard projects that I completed, just like in kindergarten.

Then, in my avoidance of many of the things that I might like to do, I stumbled on this. Heart of Light is guest blogging on 100 layer cake and she posted this amazing diy flow chart. Print it to remind yourself of what you are getting yourself into.

Now if I could only finish the projects that I start. Or start the projects that I want to finish. Or just start. Maybe I need to visit the flow chart.

Do you have trouble getting started? 


  1. getting started is the hardest part of projects for me. once i do, i have a blast and will work on stuff forever. but the starting... not-so-good.

  2. haha - this flow chart is PERFECT. if only i actually followed its advice... or were more realistic with my answers.


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