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what is your favorite romantic movie?

Kelley at My Island Wedding posted the question for a valentine's day movie guide. I personally would rather stay in and watch a romantic movie with G. I don't want to spent it with a bunch of other couples based on forced romanticism. give me year round spontaneous love, please. and keep it coming. so we'll probably stay in and watch a romantic film. I'll have to consult with G on this one, but my favorite is When Harry Met Sally. The Princess Bride is great too. And then on our second date we went to see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon which was a lovely choice for a date.

so, answer here, answer there, but what is your favorite romantic movie?

p.s. Amelie is amazing too... I don't know how I could have forgotten...


  1. ohhhh I think I could watch, "You've Got Mail" 10 times in a row and never tire. It is pretty swell. I'm a sucker for chick flicks...Tommy on the other hand can do without. So love movies aren't typically in our line-up.

  2. Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth of course. So absolutely romantic, but I don't know if my guy could sit through the 5 hours of it that my sister and I have multiple times!

  3. We just watched 500 Days of Summer, which was accurate and adorable... didn't follow the predictable model at all.


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