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the little white dress

so the thing is, I picked blue because I don't look good in white. it's not like i don't think there are pretty white dresses...
{image from dress design decor}

this dress is a rental!!!!! can i have it, please??? {image designsponge via}

these shoes absolutely kill me. {style me pretty} and pretty much everything else about this wedding does too...

I am married, and I am still looking at the wedding porn. sigh.


  1. here i am - perhaps the biggest plain jane you will ever meet -and dress #2 makes my knees wobble. if i had an alter ego...she would rock that glam.

  2. I think everyday plain jane's are all the more amazing in a little glam once in a while. but now that the wedding is over, I need to come up with some excuses to go glam.

  3. I still look at it too :) Weddings are just so gorgeous!! It inspires me to throw more exciting parties!


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