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let them eat cake...

...and other historical facts and falasies.

it seems that today, february 22nd, good ol' george's birthday is a big day in bloggerland. happy birthday to 100 layer cake and to erin ever after. the pretty things that you have shared in the last year have given me a little more pretty in my life and i thank you.

so from the bottom of my heart I thought I'd share this probably very short lived (it constantly gets pulled of the youtubes) and pretty crass "biography" of first president George. (because I couldn't find any powdered wigs that were pretty enough to share and weren't related to Marie Antoinette.)
{as you can see I decided on Marie Antoinette too...}


  1. I f*ckin' love the George Washington comic. The song always gets stuck in my head and I've made sure to share it with every history teacher I know, just for kicks.

  2. I know, it could be stuck in my head for days!!!


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